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Q: Do you ship to Europe? Poland or UK? A: Yes Q:How did you hear about us? Answer : (email source is edited for privacy.) I have very close friend, who  lives in USA and he told me about it; one of  his friend’s mother had your propolis ; she had ovarian cancer ; her psa was 300 after propolis went down to 50 ps
Dear Sam,
Thank you so much for your incredible product – Propolis. I do not know how I would survive without it. Let me tell you what just happened to me recently.
I started some dental procedures: change old crowns, treat couple cavities. My dentist used some kind of procedure and product on the gum area that it became inflamed and gave me a pain for which I started to use Ibuprofen 800 mg at least twice a day and different mouth washes. One month pass by – no improvement, on second month I asked doctor why it takes so long time to heal and got the answer that it may take up to 3 months to get gums back to normal. I tried to reduce pain medicine to 400 mg once a day but after month a half my pain was so excruciating that it radiated on the half of the face and I felt like each tooth is aching all the way down to the root. Ibuprofen was helping for couple hours only, I could not eat or drink, ready to crawl on the wall from a such pain, but instead I have to be at work for 10 hours. I called my dentist – he was out of town for next 4 days and could not help me out. Out of desperation I started to use Beenefits® Propolis almost every hour: applied to gum areas with Q-tip, hold at the most painful spots on the gum for a few seconds. Pain subsides pretty quickly. After 2 days I stopped to take Ibuprofen completely! I went to the office when doctor came back to town and he confirmed significant improvement.
It has been 2 weeks now. I reduced application of Propolis to 3-4 times a day. No pain. I can feel my gums getting better. Now I am caring Propolis and Q-tip in my purse whatever I go. One more time I can confirm: doctors only treat, Mother Nature – heals! 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Sam for bringing this magical power of Nature to people.

EB, FAARM, Tampa

Dear Sam (a little back history) my mama is my Valkyrie, she is stronger than anyone I have ever known; so when I say she can stand pain I can not even imagine going through, it is in no way an exaggeration(nor a boast), just a fact. She recently went through an ordeal which has left it’s enduring scars and in one case has still certainly not healed. Doctors have not only ignored, but even misdiagnosed her pain. It took me, her daughter, a day and a half to find the appropriate diagnosis(bless the inter net, and our local library since we don’t own a computer) and 2 hours more investigation to discover that propolis was used in recent case studies to expedite healing holistically. Etsy has become my new best friend, and your product lead the pack. Within an hour of receiving your precious elixir my mama was able to sleep for a bit, undisturbed by pain. Now it has in no way gone away, it will be a long process, but your propolis has aided her recovery. Not with medication more toxic than the problem, nor in a manner suspect to human physiology, but well and (hopefully) completely. All this to say the likelihood of my pestering your company for more of this precious substance is very, very high indeed.
Thank You

MY story starts late 2015 early 2016; I do not remember the exact date. However, then I was 115 KG that is 253.50 lbs., I take diabetic medication and a preventive cholesterol medication. The diabetic readings were not satisfactory and I was not able to reduce my weight. I was always tiered, I tried some vitamins but was not happy with the results, some caused me constipation others affected my blood pressure although my blood pressure reading is normal without medication. Every time I make a diet I lose around 10 to 15 KG that is 22 to 33 lbs., unfortunately this loss does not last for long because I go back to my eating habits with large quantities of food per meal.

Sam called me one day after a very long time since we talked to each other and asked me about my health. I replied I am fine. He insisted to have more details, I told him as per the above description. He told me to call his niece whose name is also Kamal, and meet with him to give me the Beenefits/Propolis briefing and supply me with a bottle and try it for some time. Kamal explained thoroughly the benefits of the Beenefits/Propolis and gave me 3 bottles.

I started having Beenefits/Propolis on daily basis orally if not mistaken around February 2016. I started having 5 drops a day. In few days I started feeling energetic, even my moral was good, I did not feel so good since I don’t remember. Gradually I increased the quantity, until I was able to have around 20 drops all together and was satisfied having 20 drops in the morning only. Believe it or not, I started enjoying having my morning coffee with the taste of the Propolis. My muscles were more efficient my blood circulation improved dramatically. My blood is flowing in my veins more efficiently without any medication. I used Beenefits/Propolis on injuries, the healing was unbelievable.

My wife had a wart at the belt level. She applied the Beenefits/Propolis; on the 5thday the wart was dry and dropped. We kept applying Beenefit for a week to make sure that the roots dried out. She also applies it on moles, and after few weeks when the mole is dry she peals it.
My diabetic and cholesterol readings dropped, and in 4 months I lost 3 KG that is 6.6 lbs. I did not go through any diet.

I introduced Beenefits/Propolis to my uncle who had psoriasis on his hands, ears and on his bold head. He tried all sorts of medication for more than 20 years but without avail. When I told him about the Beenefits/Propolis, he was very happy to try it. After three months of applying the Beenefits/Propolis three times daily, no more signs of psoriasis on his hands, ears or bold head. HE was completely cured of it.

A friend was visiting me one day around May/June of 2016, he suddenly started itching his right leg until the blood came out, and he was itching a red spot on his foot that appeared around 5 years before due to an accident while driving his ATV. I introduced the Beenefit/Propolis to him and he applied it on the red spot. The itching stopped immediately. My friend told me that he tried almost all types of ointments prescribed by different doctors, non-gave any positive results but some was for a short time. However, from that date he started applying Beenefits/Propolis on the red area (Pictures are available). Three months later the red spot disappeared for good (until today that is 15 months, but from time to time the itching is back. He applies Beenefit/Propolis for a couple of days then disappears for few months.)

Back to my story; Seven months after having Beenefits/Propolis orally, I visited a doctor for the first time to follow up on my diabetic treatment. She did all the physical checkups. She was very impressed by my health status, especially for someone taking diabetic medication for the past 12 years. Usually when somebody is diabetic for such a period the veins are thin and the blood run is not normal. But because of the Beenefits/Propolis I have normal thickness of veins and the blood run is also proper. At present, the medicines for diabetic and cholesterol have been reduced because Beenefits/Propolis helped me to reduce the readings.

Today August 25, 2017 it is 19 or 20 months since I started to have the Beenefits/Propolis, my health results are very good. I noticed that my skin is brighter and shining. As soon as I wake up, I take orally around 20 drops and it is enough for the whole day. Sometimes if I have a heavy lunch or dinner, I also take around 20 drops to help me digest the food faster and prevent stomach ache.

Beenefits/Propolis, is part of my life style now. The change of my body to the better is unbelievable. I thank you Sam for this precious gift that you granted me for a better and healthy life. You are a great person.

Kamal H
My wife visited your next door neighbor the other day and I accompanied her to see the mattresses. You were not in at the time but I mentioned to the owner that I was a friend of yours. He said that he have tried some of the products but did not care much for the Beenefits propolis. I told him that it was my favorite! In fact I need to get a couple of more bottles. They have helped me with my fibrosis to the point that I no longer take the medication anymore since I don’t seem to need it. My best regards to you.

Leo (82 years old)
Dear Sam

I’m Dr. Simone, and I’m sending u this letter, to tell u how Grateful I am to you, because u did for me what the medical Science couldn’t do. As u know I had a SPINAL TUMOR. After I was diagnosed, a “journey” of horror has begun; lots of Investigations / research, lots of treatments, chimo, side effects, and last but not the least, a lot of mixed feeling torturing  me. But at the right time of my life, you appeared. I started to take the propolis from Beenefits. I stopped taking all the meds that I had as a treatment, and began to take only propolis. After a couple of months of propolis therapy, I started to feel a lot better, and when I went for my check –up,and saw my medical investigations results, it was the living proof that propolis  made wonders with my health. The doctors were so surprised when I told them that the only treatment I took was propolis. They did not believe me.They thought I was lying. Anyway I Kept taking propolis, regardless their advice, and since then I am feeling extraordinary. Sam, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You gave me health back, and I am so grateful to u for that.  Keep doing the good work!  Best wishes,

Dr. Simone
Doctors Without Borders
I suffer from allergies. Terrible Allergies! When I took propolis extract my allergies were gone. All of it. Propolis is a blessing, it has saved me a $1000 in allergy shots. Thanks for my co-worker for recommending Beenefits ® propolis extract.

Miami, florida
Estimado Sam:
Ante todo mis saludos y agradecimiento por las medicinas que le mandaste a la niña, no sabes lo bien y oportuno que vino , ya que estabamos muy angustiado por la enfermedad que estaba transitando. A solicitud de Yudi le vamos a explicar detalladamente que tenia la niña:
Nuestra pequeña Aliani, (de 4 añitos de edad y un peso de 35 libras ) en enero del presente año comenzo con un cuadro clinico de diarreas persistentes, la cual se diagnostico como una Giardiasis en consulta con el pediatico se le medico Sednidazol ( 1 tab. Diaria x 3 dias ) a descansar 21 dias y repetir el tratamiento, este no tuvo efecto ninguno, no obstante se le repitio el tratamiento 2 veces, la niña continuo con las diarreas ( 10 a 12 diarias), poco apetito, perdida de peso, palidez, color de la piel amarilla y mucho decaimiento.

Posteriormente el pediatra le manda un chequeo completo para ver si ademas de la Giardia tenia otra enfermedad, inccluyendo de una dieta estricta, suspendiendole los dulces, los lacteos, la harina, los refrescos quimicos y los granos en fin casi no podia comer nada, solo jugos naturales y todo tipo de vianda y carne, esto era una prueba para ver si hacia intolerancia algunos de estos alimentos, esta dieta fue por 15 dias , posteriormente cuando le le incorporo los alimentos poco a poco volvio con las diarreas, es decir que no tuvo resultado alguno.

A finales de marzo se le cambio el tratamiento con la Quina-Crina, no podia coger sol, aquí moro algo, ya las cacas eran menos y mas pastosas, tuvo una semana perfecta, hacia la caca normal ( una o dos diarias y dura)
Luego de esta semana volvio con las diarreas igual que al principio manteniendo la misma deta, y esto no le permitia aumentar de peso ademas de la limitacion y variedad en las comidas lo poco que comia lo defecaba.
 En este periodo tambien se le dio OZONO  ORAL , cuya tratamiento no se le pudo dar completo porque le hizo reaccion adversas( vomitos) era muy fuerte para ella y se lo suspendieron.
En abril es cuando Lucy le comenta a Yudi la situacion de la niña que estabamos desesperada porque pensabamos que la niña nunca se iva a curar, estaba flaquita, ojerosa, en fin para que recordar……… me pone triste de pensar en esas cosas, es cuando Ud. Me manda atraves de Yudi el propolio  y el beepolen y ademas Yudi le manda las vitaminas  y minerales( gomitas) para mejorar el apetito a los dos o tres dias logramos ingresar a la niña en el Hospital Pediatrico Centro Habana por una semana para hacerle un estudio profundo y cuando la doctora vio la medicina se sorprendio de la calidad y presencia,me comento  que ella en su experiencia en la medicina nunca habia visto el propolio asi ( el de las semillitas) que cuando le hicieramos el chequeo empezara a darselas, le hicieron analisis de caca, entubacion, analisis de sangre, y arrojo lo siguiente:
-Flora invertida
-Abundante Giardia

N este caso se le mando tratamiento priorizando combatir la Chigela y la Flora invertida, para esto le medicaron:
– Flora invertida
– Ultralegura ( Perenterol)
– 1 tab. Diaria x 5 dias
– Chigela
– Azitromicina

Despues de curarle la chigela y la flora invertida , a los 15 dias  empezamos a darle el propolio tal y como Ud. nos , indico , es increible como cambio, ya a los 10 dias la niña empezo a tener mas apetito sus cacas eran normal, podia comer de todo que no le hacia daño, se veia mas fuerte, mas dinamica, cambio el color de la piel, eso fue para nosotras una bendicion de dios, creo que el peebolen fue mas efectivo porque era mas facil de suministrar , lo contrario el propolio ( semillitas habia que darselas en jugos o leche y como ella tenia dieta era mas dificil), el peebolen ( el de las goticas) le dimos 2 goticas diarias x 10 dias descansamos 10 y repetimos el ciclo.
Sam que dios los bendiga a ti y a mi querida sobrina por esta preocupacion y por ocuparse en mandarle estas medicina, esto fue un cambio radical, todo se normalizo ya es una niña normal,esta comiendo barbaramente, claro nosotros la cuidamos mucho y evitamos que se enferme , de por vida le hemos suspendido alguna chuchereria que no alimentan y que si hacen daño, evitamos el abuso en los dulces y grasas y toma agua hervida ya se ve mas gordita.
Gracia una y mil veces, estoy segura que si tienes algun paciente con estos sintomas y se suministre estas medicinas se van a curar, no estamos ageno a que se puede repetir y que vuelvan a aparecer las giardias porque las muy condenadas son malas de curar , pero ya tenemos el propolio para combatirla.
Deseamos de todo corazon que tenga muchos exitos, que le demuestre a todo el mundo que si es bueno, te deseos muchos éxito en tu trabajo y en tu vida personal, esto que has hecho con nuestra bebe no tiene pago con nada, te estoy eternamente agradecida, muchas gracias, te queremos mucho.

Loly y familia
Dear sam:
Let me first tell you about our gratefulness for all the bee products you sent to my daughter.  They were sent on a timely manner, because we were very concerned due to the increasing illness my little girl was suffering.
Yudi, asked me to thoroughly explain to you how everything happened:

On january this year, aliani, our little girl (4years old, 35 pounds) started suffering persistent and prolonged diarrhea.
She was diagnosed as infected with giardiasis.  The pediatrician prescribed “Sednidazol” – 1 tablet a day for 3 days. After 21 days this treatment was repeated twice. No success. Our daughter continued having diarrheas (10 to 12 daily) no appetite, weight loss, yellowish skin color and weakening day after day.
Then, the pediatrician prescribed a full test to look for other infections along with a very strict diet regime with no sugary desserts, no dairy products, no flour products, etc. This regime was prescribed for 15 days. After she came back to a regular diet, diarrheas came back again.

By the end of march, a new treatment with ” quina-crina” was prescribed. She could not be at any sun light exposure during the treatment. She then spent one week having fewer diarrheas (only 1 or 2 per day) and her stools turned thicker.

One week later, she started having more frequent diarrheas as before.

Then, she was prescribed to have an “Oral ozone” treatment, that had to be suspended because she started vomiting.

By april we were in a desperate situation. Our little girl was really failing, she was very skinny, presenting eye bags, etc. We thought it was going to be the end.

This was the moment when lucy talked to yudi and yudi talked to you and you sent us through yudi the propolis and the beepolen. Yudi also sent us some children’s vitamins and minerals.

Few days later, our girl entered the pedriatics hospital of centro havana. I showed all the containers of propolis and beepolen you sent us to the doctor and she was very impressed about the quality of your products.

Our daughter went again under another full check up during her stay at this hospital. New results said she was having:
– damaged intestinal flora
– severe giardiasis
– shigella bacteria infection
She was then prescribed to take ” parenterol” and “Azitromicin” tablets (1 per day for 5 days).

After this treatment we the began administering the propolis and the beepolen. It was like a god’s blessing! After just 10 days, our little girl started having good appetite, and as of today our daughter is back to her normal life, she ‘s gained weight .

Sam, thanks so much for your concerns and your help. What you have done to this family is really priceless.

God bless you and my niece  for taking so much care of our child.

We wish you all the best in your life and job. I know you will have a successful life.

Thanks again, we will be eternally grateful to you,

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