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Do you store my credit information ?

No we do not.

Where are you located ?

Miami , Florida USA

How are you able to keep low prices ?

Our prices are not low. We price by Quality . Our Quality is rare and hard to find.

How Do you know that my order has been received ?

We will provide you order confirmation.

When am I charged for my order ?

Your credit card will be charged upon your order.

What are your shipping policies ?

We only Ship USPS. We ship frozen Royal jelly only on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Is your propolis safe on kids ?

Yes, one drop per day, only to be administered by the parent.

We love your propolis. Where do you buy it from ?

We make our own quality. We own the trade secret to the formulation.

Why is your propolis so expensive ?

Sorry, we do not sell low quality like others. Your health is most important to us.

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