Frequently asked questions about Beenefits® propolis extract

What is propolis?
Propolis is bee medicine. A collection of resin compounds sourced from several plants, trees and leaves, evaluated, selected and collected by the bees for the purpose of maintaining and decontaminating the hive.
How is propolis collected?
The bees scout their surroundings, evaluate the medicinal properties of each source, collect the resin compounds from the selected sources and then expertly mix the compounds in order to form propolis.
Are all propolis made equal?
No. The quality of propolis depends on the variety of plants available in their surroundings. The more the variety the better the quality.
What makes Beenefits® propolis the best there is?
Beenefits® is all about presenting quality. We are extremely selective and we have developed six different proprietary testing methods to evaluate which quality deserves to make it our customers.
Is Beenefits® propolis safe for kids?
Yes, when supervised by parents, propolis is very safe. Even in very small amounts such as a drop or two per day; propolis has demonstrated amazing benefits.
What are your shipping policies ?
We only Ship USPS. We ship frozen Royal jelly only on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
Is your propolis safe on kids ?
Yes, one drop per day, only to be administered by the parent.
Why is your propolis so expensive?
Sorry, we do not sell low quality like others. Your health is most important to us.
What determines the price of propolis?
Its all about quality and availability. The higher the quality the higher the price. The quality that we use is very difficult to locate.
Do you use glycol in your process?
Never. We know better.
Can I melt your propolis in water?
No. Propolis is a solid it does not melt in water.
Do you use any synthetics?
Our quality is void of any synthetics, coloring, flavoring, sugar, caffeine, glycol, additives or preservatives.
How have you been able to collect so much information about the benefits of propolis?
Our amazing and responsible customers share with us the information that we present.
Are those pictures and testimonials real?
We do not edit,modify,change,photoshop any of the information. We have a lot of respect for thesource,the customer and nature. Our ultimate purpose to educate,inform and spread the word about this most amazing Bee.
Does Beenefits offer any Coupons or discounts?

Yes, please go to and access our discount code

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