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If there is one single natural product that nature provides that i would describe as on overall natural medicine i would say it is propolis.The honey bees work tirelessly to collect it by the drop and then they bring it back home to their hive in order to stay healthy so they survive and for the queen to stay in top shape so she makes more babies by the millions in only one life time.

Once i experienced first hand the benefits of propolis I created my company Beenefits which today is a registered trade mark and is located in Miami, florida. Beenefits® is a GMP certified facility and is also an active member of the NPA or the Natural products Association.

I recommend that you to visit our before and after tab at so you see what this jewel of nature can do. But in order for it to perform as it is intended the quality has to match what the name can do. Bee propolis information available in the market is rich but confusing because everyone seems to tell you the same thing. Personally i will only write about what i have experienced. The attached picture speaks for itself.

Propolis nowadays is widely used in dentistry, in complimentary and alternative medicine, in medical research as well as folk medicine in many parts of the world.

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