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Beenefits® Propolis Extract: Nature’s Miracle Cure


Propolis has been used since ancient times for its health benefits. This natural compound is produced by bees from the buds of poplar and cone-bearing trees. It’s also known as bee glue, propolis wax, Russian penicillin, and cera alba. An overwhelming number of studies have found that propolis extract boosts immunity, delays aging, and improves health.

What is Quality propolis?

What Is Propolis is being asked 160,000 times a day on the internet. But few searches are found on quality propolis.People from all over the world are using propolis to cure and prevent a host of health problems, from cold sores and skin burns to diabetes. Bees produce this resinous substance to seal their hives against invaders and bacteria. In ancient times, Egyptians were using propolis for mummification. Assyrians have used it for healing cancer. Nowadays, propolis is used for treating gastrointestinal diseases, bacterial infections, wounds, cancer of the throat and nose, canker sores, nail fungus, and poor immunity. Read More

Bee Propolis Information

If there is one single natural product that nature provides that i would describe as on overall natural medicine i would say it is propolis.The honey bees work tirelessly to collect it by the drop and then they bring it back home to their hive in order to stay healthy so they survive and for the queen to stay in top shape so she makes more babies by the millions in only one life time.

Once i experienced first hand the benefits of propolis I created my company Beenefits which today is a registered trade mark and is located in Miami, florida. Beenefits® is a GMP certified facility and is also an active member of the NPA or the Natural products Association.

I recommend that you to visit our before and after tab at www.beenefits.com so you see what this jewel of nature can do. But in order for it to perform as it is intended the quality has to match what the name can do. Bee propolis information available in the market is rich but confusing because everyone seems to tell you the same thing. Personally i will only write about what i have experienced. The attached picture speaks for itself.

Propolis nowadays is widely used in dentistry, in complimentary and alternative medicine, in medical research as well as folk medicine in many parts of the world.

Bee Propolis Benefits vs Royal Jelly

Bee propolis benefits vs royal jelly is an interesting comparison despite the fact that both are so important and so nutritious but yet they differ in the fact that royal jelly is consumed by the bees especially the queen and the larvea but the honey bees do not consume propolis . They simply use it to keep the hive disease free and sterile.
the other intersting part is the nutrition because royal jelly is super rich in B vitamins where propolis extract is super rich in mineral and phenols and flavonoids and amino acids.
I like to think of royal jelly as the most amazing nutritious product there is but i prefer to say that propolis extract when the quality is right is the most immunizing and body fortifying product there is. It is not easy to find good quality propolis extract in the market.

Benefits of Royal Jelly

Benefits of Royal Jelly

The Benefits of Royal Jelly Benefits were first discovered by french scientists in the fifties despite the fact that all three Holy Books mention it and Honey. Their observations were stunning so French doctors started injecting Royal Jelly in the blood stream according to Felix Murat. I first felt the benefits of royal jelly as a runner. It was obviously that my stamina went up considerably.I prefer eating it. Some of the early observations include, the doubling of life span of insects in whose diet royal jelly was added, As well as the increase of the life of daphines by 200 percent. It was also recorder that Hens doubled their layings, older hens started laying eggs again and Older Roosters became reproductive again.
Additional observations mentioned that Chickens grew faster and started laying eggs in 80 days.Reduced quantity of chicken droppings indicating better assimilation of food.According to this research women became fertile after menopause.Impotent men become potent again. My own personal observation was the reproduction of more semen by my own body. Two of my best freinds at my age reported the same.

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Propolis and Allergy Relief

Propolis and Allergy Relief: Some customers are extra responsible and they share some of the benefits back with me and that includes my customer who has become a friend over the years and he originally bought the propolis extract because he has done his own research online and used it to help his nail fungus but in addition to that he has told me on many occasions that the relief in his sinuses are noticeable. Truth is i can hear it in his voice, the difference in the way he sounds from the day i met him till today is undoubtedly different and better.

More Royal Jelly information

Among many other benefits of royal jelly are that it balances appetite and increases vigor and good physical feel. It also provides occular nutrition and rejuvenates the aged. My own experiences include sleeping better and feeling calmer. I think it is the nutrition that the body receives that brings about that feeling.It also restores sexual energy and balances glandular secretions. There is a lot of current research about royal jelly but until it all is made public i prefer my own body feeling as an indicator. I personally felt so much better in so many ways including a natural beautifier to my skin.

Royal jelly and honey hair treatment

If you ever feel like you your hair needs a different kind of hair treatment do the following . First you have to be ready to have at least 90 minutes to spare. Mix equal amounts of fresh frozen royal jelly with good quality natural honey. Rinse the hair thoroughly and apply the mix on the scalp and hair . Wait about 90 minutes and see the difference. Your hair will come back to life like never before. Especially if you always color the hair which makes it super dry and feeling rough.Once done rinse as much as possible and then go about your business and go on with your day. we welcome your business at www.beenefits.net