Benefits of Royal Jelly

The Benefits of Royal Jelly Benefits were first discovered by french scientists in the fifties despite the fact that all three Holy Books mention it and Honey. Their observations were stunning so French doctors started injecting Royal Jelly in the blood stream according to Felix Murat. I first felt the benefits of royal jelly as a runner. It was obviously that my stamina went up considerably.I prefer eating it. Some of the early observations include, the doubling of life span of insects in whose diet royal jelly was added, As well as the increase of the life of daphines by 200 percent. It was also recorder that Hens doubled their layings, older hens started laying eggs again and Older Roosters became reproductive again.
Additional observations mentioned that Chickens grew faster and started laying eggs in 80 days.Reduced quantity of chicken droppings indicating better assimilation of food.According to this research women became fertile after menopause.Impotent men become potent again. My own personal observation was the reproduction of more semen by my own body. Two of my best freinds at my age reported the same.

This book by Mr. Murat is not selling any specific brand, and it was authored back in the fifties so copyright protection has expired. Yet i prefer that he gets the credit for his writing. I believe every word he stated. I felt most of the observations stated in the book.

Most interestingly the body loves it, you feel the stamina, you sleep well, it is calming, it is loaded with ocular nutrition. But despite my love for royal jelly, i strongly believe that combining royal jelly with propolis extract provides synergy that no other coupled products can do.

Sexually speaking and speaking for myself and given my own assessment i can honestly say that i feel like a twenty five year old in many ways. That may also be attributed to the consumption of my own propolis extract BeenefitsĀ®. I created BeenefitsĀ® as a result of what i felt. Those products are real. They optimize the body at many levels from Skin to sleep.

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