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Why Us

Beenefits® – THE STANDARD in Propolis Quality

Bee Propolis Extract is available in many different levels of quality and potency . The marketplace presents a variety of choices. Many Bee Propolis Extract producers choose to differentiate by presenting multiple qualities. We at Beenefits decided to be an exception at every level, by producing one unique quality and produce the best.

Nature has endowed honeybees, with the ability to select and detect the medicinal properties of botanical plants and utilize them for their health and survivability; thus Bee Propolis.

Civilizations over the years, including the Greek civilization observed this natural phenomena and adopted propolis as a form of medicine. Had propolis not presented so many benefits; as history books state, its use and application would not have survived thousands of years until today. Bee Propolis Extract made by Beenefits resembles nature to a very high extent.Propolis is a mix of carefully selected botanical compounds that bees deem them medicinal.

How does propolis work?

Value Nutrition is the only form of medicine. When the body is provided with all the necessary essential nutrients it needs, those nutrients themselves act as the building blocks for the body to develop its own medicine.

High Quality Propolis from Beenefits presents the body with rare nutrients that are unfortunately not available nowadays in most of the foods we consume. This amazingly complex compound collected by the bees, called propolis, holds extremely special and must have nutrition.

Brazilian Bee Propolis Extract by Beenefits was designed to present nature in the most natural and pure form possible. Beenefits has integrated Honesty and integrity as two important ingredients in its proprietary formulation and extraction process.

We are proud and pleased to present you the Best Bee propolis extract there is. We are committed to delivering Excellence in Quality.

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We strongly believe that Quality is what delivers Beenefits. Therefore we are proud to sell only the best quality available.

We make our own propolis quality via our own methods, process and trade secret.

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